Scented leaf pelargoniums
also known by some as scented leaf geraniums

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Pelargoniums, or some of the plants known as geraniums, buffalo bills tickets can to be found in many  different forms or classes than available at the Nursery or Garden Centre.kinky boots tickets They are not hardy in the UK and in most of the the mainland seo web hosting are best in the greenhouse of conservatory all year. Some can be used in bedding-out schemes in the summer, but you need to know which before buying.pippin tickets More will be happy in a large pot of container, where they cope with the hotter dryer conditions quite well. The most commonly seen are the Zonal or bedding "geranium" and the one growing in a hanging baskets is likely to be an Ivy-leaf . The dramatic large flowered form usually only seen at specialist shows is the Regal, along with the newer smaller flower and leaved Angel. For the botanically minded u2 tickets there are the originals from which all cultivars come, the species. Many rarer and unusual groups exist, but most fall within these sections. Miniature & dwarf usually applies to Zonal, but there are miniature Angels and Ivy-leaf. The Coloured leaf or Fancy leaf forms also usually mean Zonal, more so if it is a Tri-colour or Bronze, but there are also Bi-colour or Gold leaf Regals, Ivy-leaf and Angels. Stellar forms are Zonal with green, bronze, gold or coloured leaf. Cactus-flowered and Tulip-flowered are all Zonal. Carnation-flowered can be Zonal or Ivy-leaf. Rosebud-flowered are Zonal and not to be confused with Rosette flowered which are Ivy-leaf or hybrid ivy-leaf. Then there are the Unique forms, which are some of the oldest cultivars still in existence, most of which have  scented leaves and so are grown by wayback machine scenteds enthusiasts but not included in the scented-leaf show class. Best of all pelargoniums to me though are the Scenteds.

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Background picture is Pelargonium crispum 'Variegatum'

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