Scenteds scented leaved pelargoniums or geraniums
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This group of pelargoniums is a conglomerate, more than a section and is known to as many herb growers as Pelargonium folk, and may be known as the Scenteds, or scented leaf, or scented leaved, or scented pelargoniums, or scented geraniums. They are the second most variable group, or class, in form after the species, some of which also have scented leaves, so are common to both groups. The flowers never achieve the size of a Regal flowerhead, the profusion of an Angel plant or the interest of a Rosebud flowered Zonal. It is the scented leaf that is the focus of the enthusiasts and there are many to choose from : rose, lemon, lime, peppermint, balsam, absinthe, filbert, and a lot which cannot be described with reference to other plants. You may not like all of the scents, as we all differ in our perception of scent, but there are plenty to pick from. To find out about scented pelargoniums have a look in any book on pelargoniums, or herbs. To find out more you will have to track down second-hand specialist books, like "Pelargoniums with scented leaves". There are a few of the specialist Pelargonium Nurseries that stock a lot of scenteds and likewise a few specialist Herb Nurseries that stock a large number of scenteds. Unfortunately we have lost quite a few specialist Pelargonium Nurseries in the last couple of years and some cultivars will have been lost because of this.

I hope the creation of this website will encourage investigation of a wider range of the scenteds by all herb and pelargonium enthusiasts, because plants only survive by being grown every year, by a number of people.


Background picture is Pelargonium crispum 'Variegatum'

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